Friday, July 29, 2011

2011-2012 Curriculum Choices Part 2 {LINKY}

As I said in my last post, I am really doing a mish mash of things this year.  Here is the complete run down:

Together as a Family:
My Father's World  (MFW) - We will be studying the Life of Christ and the New Testament.  Last year we used The Victor Journey Through the Bible and we have really come to LOVE it!  we read a chapter in the Bible and then we read the corresponding pages in The Victor, it is like a commentary of sorts plus it gives lots of history facts about the cities and time period - a must have in my opinion.

We will also pull from KONOS and I am sure we will continue with Keys for Kids, at least sometimes since the kids love to listen to them.

MFW - Rome to Reformation, the books that go along with it except we will use Mystery of History instead of Streams of Civilization.  KONOS - we will be pulling some fun activities from KONOS.  we plan on including lots and lots of living books.

MFW - Rome to Reformation which will include the study of the human body using The Body Book and planets using the Apologia book, Exploring Creation With Astronomy (Young Explorers)
We are also going to pull in some fun projects from KONOS like dissecting a cow eye. Can I just tell you that I CAN'T HARDLY WAIT!!

We definitely read around here.   We do read alouds daily after Bible and then the kids have quiet time.  For at least a half hour I have the girls read and the boys look at books until they fall asleep for their naps.  We discuss our read a louds and I have the girls narrate their readings back to me. 

My kids draw daily.  And craft almost daily.  I frequently have them color something to go along with what we are reading.  We also have several art idea books that we can pull from and the Abeka Art books that we complete projects from occasional.

Extra Curricular Activities I like to do stuff out side of the home but to many things can stress me.  I have been praying about speech, choir, soccer and piano lessons.  These are all things that I want to with me kids but I know that all those things would really be too much.  So, I have just been laying it before the Lord and asking Him what His will would be for us.   So far I think that all the kids will do choir, the girls will do speech and it looks as though the Lord is going to provide flute lessons for the girls.  I think for now soccer may be out. 

The Lil' Chef - 6th Grade
I am really excited to be adding Draw to Learn from Notgrass this year.  It is like a daily devotional that the children can use independently or together as a family.  Each lesson has a portion of scripture to read and then something for them to draw.  They have several of these to choose from, we are doing the Life of Jesus to coincide with our New Testament studies thru MFW Bible.  VERY EXCITED!!

Language Arts
The Lil' Chef is going to be using Easy Grammar & Daily Grams and Spelling Power. We are generally Abeka users but we are trying something new, I let ya'll know how they work out.  Lil' Chef is also going to continue with Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW), which we reviewed last year.  IEW is a keeper by the way. 

I am still on the fence about this one.  I really, REALLY, REALLY want to use Teaching Textbooks.  I really lack confidence in teaching math,  and it is not my favorite subject, so the idea of TT is very appealing to me.  After researching it, ALOT, and talking to a few homeschool mom's I decided that maybe it was not a good idea for us.  I have heard mixed reviews Teaching Textbooks, one of the not so great things I have heard is that many children do not test well in the upper grades which was a huge disappointment to me.  I had really hope to ride that little wave all the way thru high school but am now having second thoughts.  If anyone has had good experience with TT and would like to way in, please leave a comment.

As it stands right now she is going to use Abeka Math and continue doing Math Facts Now and Times Alive, which we LOVE!

Computer Girl - 3rd Grade
Computer girl is also going to include Draw to Learn - The Life of Jesus into her quite reading time.

Language Arts - She is also going to try Easy Grammar, Daily Grams and Spelling Workout this year.  I think I am also going to have her work from the IEW book at a very slow pace. 

Computer Girl is using Mathematical Reasoning 3 from The critical Thinking Co. this year.  We reviewed another level of Mathematical Reasoning last year and LOVED IT!!  She will also be doing math drills using Math Facts Now and Times Alive.

Alpha Boy - Kindergarten
Alpha Boy is going to continue using Sing, Spell, Read and Write, which  he really loves and BEGS ME TO!  I mean we aren't even doing school right now and it was a SATURDAY and he brings me his book to do.  I was thinking, REALLY!! 

I also decided, just last week actually, when visiting with some friends that I really wanted to incorporate MFW Kindergarten.  I really just wanted it to pull some of the hands on ideas into the letters that we are learning. 

He is going to be using Arithmetic K from Abeka.  I am also adding in Mathtacular for some added hands on fun. 

Little Bits - Pre K
I don't do anything formal with this little guy.  We is more than welcome to hang with Alpha Boy and I when we do our Phonics and Math.  He is generally around for all our reading and I do read to him. 

I plan on setting up a workbox for him to have with lots of hands on goodies to play with.  I am going to include things like wooden puzzles, Play-Doh Cookie Monster Letter Lunch, Lauri Toys Number Puzzle Boards and Pegs and Lauri's Phonic Center

What is your family going to use this year??  Please link up and share with us.


Amy said...

We did MFW Kindergarten last year and are doing MFW First grade this year. So far, a few weeks into this year, we are really enjoying it!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for sharing some great links! Hope you guys have a great year!

Joyce said...

Hey, girl! Thanks for the comment. I forgot to link up so I finally did it. Hope all is going great. Maybe we can catch up soon!

April said...

This is our 2nd year with Teaching Textbooks and My son (and I of course) LOVE it!!!! We used Saxon for K-3 then moved into TT 5. This year he is doing TT6.


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