Monday, January 31, 2011

TOS Crew: Times Alive

Through the TOS Crew we were asked to review the Times Alive Multiplication CD by City Creek Press.  We were pretty excited about it because it was quite different then plain ol' flash cards and math drills. 


Times Alive is a multiplication program, based on the Times Tables the Fun Way Book for Kids, that teaches facts from the zero's through the nine times tables.  This program is much, much more than math drills! Hard to learn math facts are illustrated in the form of a story.  The idea is that the children will learn the story and then recall the mental image and remember the answer to the fact.


I had the Lil' Chef working on this program and it seems to really be working for her.  Here's what I liked about Times Alive:
  • In just a short time, I have already noticed an improvement on her multiplication memorization.  
  • Times Alive holds her interest.  Some of the stories are corny, but in a very cute sort of way.  Many times she has really liked one of the stories and has called me over to check it out. 
  • I do not have to hound, beg or bribe her to go do the program.  She actually does it willingly!!
  • Several of the math facts are remembered by little tricks, she LOVES this.  
  • I think it is pretty affordable.  For $44.95 (the download version) you have the program forever and for however many children you have.  In other words I really like that it is a flat fee and not a monthly fee.  My pockie purse likes this too! 
  • While I have not reviewed the companion items for Times Alive they look really good.  They have a workbook, music cd, and clue cards.
  • Last but not least, Times Alive is really FUN!

There really isn't anything about Time alive that we didn't like or thought they could improve on.  I do recommend this program for a child working on their times tables and definitely for one who is struggling. 


As a member of the TOS Crew, we were given the Times Alive program at no cost for review purposes.  However, the fact that this product was given to us did not in anyway effect my opinion.


Jennifer said...

I noticed definite improvement in my 9yo's mastery of his multiplication tables with this program. I have had a couple people tell me they thought it was over-priced, but I thought it was certainly reasonable for what it delivered.


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