Friday, February 4, 2011

TOS Crew: Roman Town

We were given Roman Town by Dig-It Games to review for the TOS Crew.  So far, my kids are diggin' it!  They want to play and play and play some more!

Roman Town is fantastic educational game that teaches kids about archeology and history in a very hands on kinda way. The kids get to "be" archaeologists and have their very own digging team to explore the ancient Roman Town of Fossura (of course they LOVED THIS!). Once an ancient artifact is found the kids get to learn more about it through games, puzzles and fun, educational facts.  Along the way the kids also get to learn from and interact with children that lived in Fossura.


The Roman Town game offers 6 levels of play, so there is lots to do and discover. The game is geared toward students in 5th-8th grad,e but my 4 year old, and 2nd grader enjoyed playing as well (they did need a little bit of help from mom). My 5th grader really enjoys playing and it definitely holds her interest for quite a while.

This is a picture of our diggers.  The kids get to pick the tools that they use to do their digging. 

Once your workers think they have found something, you get to go over to finish excavating.   The kids really liked this little feature.

Here are some of the artifacts that were found.  Now, the kids get to see if they all fit together.  The puzzles and games were favorites for everyone, even mom!

These are the helpful children that live in Fossura.  The kids get to play games with them and learn lots of facts from them.

This is a fill in the blank report that the children can do to show what they have learned. 

We really enjoyed playing Roman Town, it was great to have fun and learn all at the same time!  Roman Town would go along great with any study on Rome and Ancient Civilization, we will continue to use this again and again. 

If you would like to have your own copy of Roman Town, it will be on sale from now until February 21st for only $19.96.   To get the sale price please use the coupon code TOS2011.  The regular price after the sale is $39.95. 

Please check out what others on the TOS Crew thought about Roman Town.

We received the Roman Town game at no charge for review purposes only.  The opinions expressed here are my own and were not influenced by the free product.



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