Friday, May 13, 2011

TOS Crew: Institute for Excellence in Writing

We were given the Institute for Excellence in Writing's Student Writing Intensive to review for the TOS Crew.  This was a huge blessing for us, because writing has been somewhat of a struggle for my girls.  I was excited to be able to use this program with the Lil' Chef, since we were given Level A, which is for children in grades 3-5.

 The Student Writing Intensive is a DVD based writing class taught by Andrew Pudewa, whom you can read more about here.  The DVD lessons are accompanied by lesson plans, notes for the teacher and handouts for students.  The lessons can be done in 15-30 depending on your pace and if you complete all the optional reinforcement lessons. Each lesson teaches structural models and stylistic techniques.  There are 3 Levels of the Student Writing 

  • Level A - Grades 3-5
  • Level B - Grades 6-8
  • Level C - Grades 9-12
At first I think I was a little bit intimidated by the program.  I thought is was going to being a little stressful but oh how I was wrong!!  I only wish that I had this program years ago!!
Once we started it was so simple and we actually had  fun.  The way that the Writing Intensive works is that it starts out teaching the kids how to do a key word outline, by reading an article and coming up with 3 key words for each sentence.  You then take your outline and create a rough draft, correct it and then do your final paper..  
The Lil' Chef and I actually started this program together.   We would watch the lessons on dvd, read the assigned article and do our outlines, rough drafts and then final papers.   We had a great time watching the dvd's, Mr. Pudewa has a wonderful way of keeping you interested.  The Lil' Chef finally admitted to me that she likes him and thinks he is kinda funny after I walked in the family room and caught her laughing along with the dvd : )
The Student Writing Intensive has been wonderful for teaching the Lil' Chef how to write properly.  She actually just does the lessons alone now and I check her work.  I really just can't believe how far she has come.  

Here is what we really like about the Student Writing Intensive:

 - We like that the lessons are on DVD.
 - We have learned alot from the lessons, like doing key word outlines, using the which clause and how to dress words up. 
- We like Mr. Pudewa's teaching style. 
- The fast improvement in my daughter's writing has proved the effectiveness of the program to me.
- I feel that each lesson is taught very thoroughly and we are happy that IEW includes reinforcement lessons for extra practice if we need it.
- The articles that we have read and done outlines on have been very enjoyable as well as educational.
- I am really excited that now, my daughter love to write.  When she gets up in mornings she does IEW first.  She writes up her outline and rough draft for me to correct then she types her article up on the computer and even adds a cute graphic to go with her story.   She has a love for writing that she did NOT have before.  (Thanks Mr. Pudewa!)
- I also love that I am learning new things and it has given me more confidence to teach writing.  

- 4 DVDs
- A binder with dividers

We received the Student Writing Intensive Level A from the  Institute for Excellence in Writing free of charge, for review purposes only.  The opinions stated here are my own and I was not influenced my the company or the free product.



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