Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Who Is My Neighbor? by Apologia

If you have been reading my blog for any bit of time you have probably heard me mention the What We Believe apologetics series from Apologia.  As well as how great I think it is!

We were recently given Who Is My Neighbor?, the third book in the four book series, to review.  Like the other two that we have, Who Is God? and Who Am I? - this book is amazing! 

We received the hardcover Who Is My Neighbor? book, a notebooking journal and a coloring book.  The illustrations through all three books are beautiful - the color and quality that we have come to love and expect from Apologia is also present in these books. 

The notebooking journal for the older kids.

This is from the coloring book, which is great for the littles!

I like how this series is designed to be used sequentially, each book building upon another. I am sure that you could just buy or the other but trust me, you will want them all! 

The purpose of the Who Is My Neighbor? book is to help children to understand what it means to be the the salt and light in this fallen world.  Children learn what it means to have a servant's heart and to be more like Christ. 

It focuses on biblical truths such as:
  • God created me to be a blessing to the world
  • God chooses to work through me
  • I can make a difference at home, in my community, and at church
  • The church is God's family
  • The church is one body with many gifts
  • I am an important member of Jesus' body
The Lessons included in Who Is My Neighbor? are:
  • Lesson 1: Does Anyone Really Need Me?
  • Lesson 2: How Can I Make A Difference?
  • Lesson 3: Who Is My Neighbor?
  • Lesson 4: Why Did God Make Families?
  • Lesson 5: What Can I Do For My Country?
  • Lesson 6: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?
  • Lesson 7: Who Is God’s Family?
  • Lesson 8: Why Does the Church Need Me?
You can see a detailed table of contents here.

The Who Is My Neighbor? set is available directly through Apologia, the prices are as follows:
  • Who Is My Neighbor? - $39.00
  • Who Is My Neighbor? Notebooking Journal - $24.00
  • Who Is My Neighbor? Coloring Book - $8.00

Disclaimer: We received this product at no charge to us in exchange for an honest review.



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