Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up {Park Day, Animal Show and Book Club}

Today ends our second week of school.  Never would have thought I'd be saying that in the middle of July! 

This week went pretty well, scattered but well.  Some how we didn't finish all of our Trail Guide to Learning -POE lessons last week so we finished them up this week. 

The Lil' Chef was exited to start Teaching Textbooks 7 this week {Thanks Mrs. Luisa for blessing us with this!!}. She continued to not be very thrilled with her writing assignments.  She is getting used to the copywork that goes along with POE but does not like to have to go off and creatively write something.  She is starting an online writing program, Time 4 Writing, next week that I am VERY excited about.  I will tell you all more about this later {it's a review}.

Computer Girl has been plugging along with her studies.  She is progressing very well with her multiplication facts while using Math Made Easy {another review}.

Alpha Boy is working on his Abeka Letters and Sounds.  He is at that point where he knows his letter sounds but they all haven't quite clicked yet.  One of the beauties of homeschooling is that we can work at our own pace.  He is also working through his Arithmetic 1 book, some of which we do orally as he is doing jumping jacks.  {smile}

Little Bits made an alligator out of a letter A and made an a book.  He also talked his oldest sister into reading countless Eric Carle and Berenstain Bears books this week.  Aren't big sisters GREAT!!

This guy was about 2 feet away from me, a little too close for comfort thank you very much.  I was able to get a good picture of him though.

On Wednesday, we went to a park play date/ farewell party.  The only probelm was that we went on the wrong day, we were a day early!  We even brought playgroup granola bars, which became our lunch.  Since we had the day wrong we went to Goodwill to look for some clothes for one of my kiddos.  God is so good!  We found several really cute outfits that work for everyday as well as church clothes.  We got 3 skirts, 5 tops , 1 pair of shorts and 2 dresses for about $65!  I have mentioned my love of Goodwill, right??

We also went to the library.  This week they were having a show about animals.  The Maryland State Zoo came and brought several animals for us to check out.  We got to see a screech owl {I really want one BTW}, a sugar glider, tarantula, and a baby alligator!!  We had a full and fun day! 

Thursday we went back to the park for the actual play date/ farewell party - this time we brought brownies.  It was nice to hang out with our friends whom we are going to miss very much! 

Tea Party!

Today we had our second American Girl Summer Book Club meet.  9 girls, 4 moms and my boys!  The girls had read Meet Felicity last week, so we talked about the book and the characters.  We made 2 batches of short bread cookies, the girls got dressed up and we had a tea party.  My boys helped serve the girls, which was really sweet.   The boys looked really cute with their dad's hats on and eyeliner mustaches! 

Looking back, I 'd say we had a pretty good week.  We accomplished school and had some great fellowship with friends.  Hope you all had a great week too!

By His Grace,


Stefanie said...

Boy did you guys have a fun week!!!


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