Saturday, July 14, 2012

Professor B Math {TOS Crew}

We were given the opportunity, through the TOS Crew, to review for Professor B Math.  Professor B Math is a interactive math website designed to teach 3 years of math in just 1 year. 

The lessons are geared for children in Pre-K through 8th, but the focus is the level that your child needs to work on and not necessarily their grade level.  


The levels are set up like this:

Level I
Pre-K though 2nd graders and remediation of older learners. Introduction to Addition/Subtraction Facts – Counting to One Hundred – Lower Addition and Subtraction – Higher Addition and Subtraction – Place Value Fractional Parts & Order – Time – Money

Level II
3rd grade through 5th grade and remediation of older learners. Multiplication/Division Facts and Problem Solving – Introduction to Fractions – Fractional Equivalence – Addition and Subtraction Fractions

Level III
6th through 8th grades and remediation of older learners. Multiplication/Division of Fractions – Decimals – Percents

The Professor B program has structured the content of math as a developmental, contextual flow, kind of like a story.  The goal of this method is to help the children to more quickly absorb its content without learning gaps.

For our review we were given access to all 3 levels of the program along with worksheets and answers keys.  I decided to allow Computer Girl (4th grade) to be our review gal on this one.  She enjoyed the lessons and did fine on the worksheets. 

I was a little disappointed that during the program the Bee that helps with the teaching did not talk.  I later learned that this was very intentional from the company.  Here is what their website says about not having the sound....

The decision to not have the Bee speak was intentional. We did not want parents leaving the student at the computer by themselves. If the child answers incorrectly, you would not know unless you are there. This is not a game. This is a teaching program
After reading this statement I understood their reasoning.  If you are looking for a math program that your child can go and be totally independent from you then this may not be a great fit for you. 

I do feel that the content of this program is superior.  I like the way everything is laid out and the lessons are easily understand.  Professor B would be a good solid math curriculum if the website was used along with the worksheets.  It would also make a great supplement for a child that is struggling in math.  This is also a wonderful program for a visual learner.  

Professor B is very affordable for homeschooling families.  Several children, at different levels, can use this program at one time.  Currently all 3 of the Professor B Math Levels can be purchased for $100.   This one time purchase will give your family 3 full years of access to the program.  Professor B's website is not currently updated to the new price change so if you are interested you can call them directly to order 678-765-6655.

You can also order on a month to month basis:

  • 1 Level- $20/ monthly for one level
  • 2 Levels (at the same time)- $15.00/monthly for 2nd level
  • 3 Levels (at the same time)- $10.00/monthly for the 3rd level
We feel that Professor B is great math program that is also affordable and definitely worth you checking it out!   You can see what other TOS Crew members thougth about Professor B Math here.

Disclaimer:  As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are mine.



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