Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fun & Frugal Summer Activities for Kids #2 Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder

Ok ladies and gentlemen, since we already have our popsicle sticks out from yesterday's activity, lets try another.  

We love birds!  Every spring for the last several years the Lord has blessed us with birds that nest on our front porch in a wreath.  Usually, we have house sparrows visit us, this year we have robins.  The babies just flew the coop last week. 

Beings that we like birds so much, we like to have a bird friendly yard with things that make them feel invited. Which brings me to our next project... Popsicle Stick Bird Feeders.

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The Stuff You Need:
50 popsicle sticks
1 large popsicle stick (the kind the doctors use)
1 bag of bird seed
1 tub of outdoor paint
2 long pieces of hemp cord to hang their bird feeder
Glue - Tacky or Elmers
Glue Gun & Sticks
If you want to get all fancy, and of course I know you do. You might also want:
Glitter glue sticks 
Puffy Paint (y'all remember that stuff?)

  1. Line up 12 popsicle sticks.  Glue 2 sticks across them.  Turn it over.
  2. Do a second row of popsicle sticks going in the opposite direction to strengthen the base (I actually did this at the end because it was a last minute decision, but doing it at the beginning will give it more support as you build).
  3. Alternate popsicle sticks around the frame once.
  4. Glue down to the large popsicle stick.
  5. Continue alternating popsicle sticks around the outside until you have 6 rows, gluing each popsicle stick down as you go.  Set aside to dry.
  6. Let the kids paint their bird feeder, and set aside to dry.
  7. Parents: using a hot glue gun, attach the hemp cord to the underside of the bird feeder.
  8. Thread the cord underneath the top round of popsicle sticks (as shown above) and again, glue using a hot glue gun.
  9. After everything is dry, find a safe place outside to hang and fill with bird seed.  
To go along with these bird houses, you could even study some birds.  One of our favorite bird books for kids is Birds, Nests & Eggs (Take Along Guides) by Mel Boring. My oldest is our bird fact girl, I attribute that to this little book.

Another goodie is Bird Log Kids: A Kid's Journal to Record Their Birding Experiences by Deanna Brandt.  This little gem is a great way to encourage kids to learn about, and journal the birds that they see.  You could even continue this through the summer.


Stacie said...

I have just been saying I want to build a bird house with the kids. I am going to do this with my kids. Thanks for sharing this.

Beeker said...

Hmm...sounds fun!! Might have to try that project...the kids would love it! And its 105 all week. So, good activity for indoors. Thanks


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