Sunday, February 24, 2013

Name Above all Names

by Pat Sczebel, Joel Sczebel

From the brightness of His glory
Jesus, the Son of God, descends
Takes on the nature of a servant
Jesus, obedient to death
The Father willed to crush Him
As a sacrifice for sin
He satisfied God’s justice
And in victory rose again

You are highly exalted
Name above all names
Worthy of all praise
You are reigning in glory
Jesus, You’re the King
Over everything
Exalted to the highest place
Given the Name above all other names

The tomb is empty Christ has risen
Jesus, the Lamb once crucified
The angels never cease to worship
Jesus, in heaven glorified
To Him belongs the power
The wisdom, might, and strength
All glory and dominion
To the Lord of every age

Our knees will bow
Our tongues proclaim
That You are Lord of all



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