Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Best of the Best - Easy Breakfast Ideas

With so many fabulous ideas out there, between Pinterest and mommy bloggers, I thought it would be fun to start sharing the best of ideas that I find.  I will admit that I struggle with breakfast ideas, we are boring breakfast people.  So to liven the place up a bit I got on Pinterest and....
Overnight Oatmeal - Where in the WORLD has this stuff been and WHY am I just now hearing about it!  WOW!

Ok, I know this is not a recipe but the idea is fabulous and I had to share.  What a great, mess free way to pour pancake batter.  I am going to encourage lots ketchup use this week.

Not something that I would do every week but these sure would be nice for a special treat. Muffin Tin Sticky Buns, I love the simplicity!

It you have ever been on my blog before, chances are pretty good that you know we love Baked Oatmeal.  The recipe we usually follow just has raisins but I love this one with the fresh fruit.  I think this Fruity Oatmeal is a keeper for sure!

Do you remember eating pizza for breakfast when you were a teenager? Come on, I know you did this too, right?  This Breakfast Pizza looks like a 10 on the Yummy Scale!

I like to plan ahead and mass produce some of our breakfast foods.  Anything that I can make ahead and freeze for breakfast is a good thing. Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches sound like a winner to me!

Before you think I have completely lost my mind and am serving my kids chocolate pudding for breakfast, let me explain.  This pudding is not just chocolate, it's vegan chocolate avocado pudding.  Yes, avocados!  I did think it would be fun to have this awaiting my little darlings one morning when they come down for breakfast.  I can imagine it now, the boys will scarf it down with out evening thinking twice.  They will be eating it as fast as they can in hopes that I don't change my mind. 
The girls, being a little older and a little wiser, will definitely be skeptical but maybe just maybe they will eat it anyway.

These Egg Cups look so easy and you can FREEZE them.  I think I am going to have the Lil' Chef make some of these this week, I just bought 2 big packs of organic bacon on sale.  Oh, and did I mention YOU CAN FREEZE THEM??

Be still my breakfast loving heart!  I am thankful for the creativity and talent that some people have, like the inventor of the French Toast Muffin.   

Last but surely not least, we have the Giant Breakfast Cookie.  This is a family favorite that I had forgotten about, until now.  We used to make these all time because they are oh so yummy and they really aren't bad for you, even for breakfast.  This is one of those recipes that you are going to want to triple the recipe, trust me on this one ; )


Anonymous said...

The Giant Breakfast Cookie links only to a picture. Could you post the recipe? Please?


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