Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Solutions: Mass Producing Breakfast

For a while now I have been trying to keep my freezer full of breakfast foods for the kids.  I like to do this because I am NOT the kinda mom that likes to get up and put on a huge breakfast in the morning, I guess that is one reason that I like to do Breakfast Night for them.  The most I like to cook in the morning is oatmeal. 

I like to try to keep things like waffles, pancakes, french toast, banana bread and breakfast burritos in the freezer ready to roll.  I also prefer not to buy these things, I like to make them.  Sometimes I will go all out and do everything at once but most of the time I will just do a big batch of something, like this morning I made a ton of pancakes. 

I used to dream about having two skillets to cook on but only had one.  I contemplated buying a second one but thought it was a little frivolous, it's not like I have ten children and really needed an extra.  Then, last month my dream became reality, during our Fall camping trip I realized that I had forgotten my skillet.  Honestly, this was not on purpose!  So, I "had" to go buy one.  This morning, there they sat - TWO SKILLETS!  Side by side!  What a blessing to whip up all those pancakes in half the time!  I was so excited that I quadrupled my batch!  If you are able to acquire two skillets, I say go for it!

You may be wondering how I freeze them, with out them sticking together.  I take a sheet cake pan (from my pretending to be a cake decorator days) and I lay the pancakes on sheets of parchment paper.  I spread them out so that they freeze with out touching.  After they are good and frozen I throw them into large freezer bags.  This way we can pull out only the amount we need and they are not all stuck together.  I also save the parchment paper for the next time I mass produce! 

When I am making french toast I cut them into sticks and freeze them this way. 

When I do the Breakfast Burritos I start out by making a double batch of Oven Scrambled Eggs and then top them with shredded cheddar.  You can also add some salsa to this but my kids prefer them with just the cheese.  I put an ice cream scoop full of the eggs on to each tortilla and wrap.

I also freeze the Breakfast Burritos spread out on a baking sheet before I put them into freezer bags.

For other freezer friendly family meal ideas {say that one five times fast} check out Raising Olives and Smockity Frocks!


Kelly said...

That is AWESOME! I am about to purchase a waffle maker (through a CSN review) so I think mass-producing waffles will be in our future. Dad usually cooks in the morning because he likes to cook and his daughters like to cook with him. But lately I've been thinking of ways to make breakfast 'faster' so we have more time to spend with dad before he leaves for work. Your ideas will certainly do the trick.

Shannon said...

I like to make extra on pancakes, waffles, and french toast to put in the freezer. Sometimes we just put them in the refrigerator if we will be eating them within 4-5 days. I never dreamed of the day I would see the sanity in having two griddles. I used to think I really did not need one at all and now I know how much easier my life is with one. Two would make it even easier!

wdworkman said...

Some great ideas! I'm going to try the burritos.
Janet W

Maureen said...

Ironically, I am going to make some breakfast foods this afternoon. I'm adding the breakfast burritos to my list of things to make. Thanks for posting the oven scrambled egg recipe, I've never tried that before. And thanks for the freezing directions.


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