Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Joys of Winter Break

I love taking time out from our regularly busy schedule to RELAX!  I can't not find the exact words to express how wonderful it has been to just chill out with the family. 

We have watched oodles of holiday movies.  We have played Puppy Pursuits Game, Sandwich Stacking Game, checkers, chutes and ladders as well as and pick up sticks.  And we have even let the kids open a few of their gifts early {please pick your mouth up from the floor and let me explain}.  : )

Every few nights we have given the kids a small gift of their own or a joint gift to open.  I gotta tell you they have played with these things for HOURS!  These toys were not lost in a heep of other toys, they were thoroughly played with and thoroughly enjoyed.  Like last night for instance, the girls received a 10 in one type game that included checkers, chess, pick up sticks, mancala and tic tac toe.  We all played several games of checkers, and pick up sticks {never knew how much I loved pick up sticks!!} as well as a few rounds of tic tac toe.  We all had alot of fun.

The boys received the Imaginext Toy Story 3 Tri County Landfill {I didn't pay anything close to this Amazon price, I just wanted you all to see what it looked like}.  They played with it all evening and all morning so far, it is a blessing to see them enjoying it so much! 

The other day I declared the day to be movie/game day.  To start the morning off I pulled out four family games that I had wrapped {can you tell that we love games}.  We let the kids play hot potato to see who would get to open which game.  We watched 2 movies that day and played 3 of the 4 games {chutes and ladders, Busytown Airport, Puppy Pursuits and Sandwich Stacking}  That very evening the hubs played Puppy Pursuits with the kids for almost 2 whole hours!!

So as you can see we have really been enjoying hanging out together and thankfully we still have a few almost 2 weeks left.

Here is my winter break list of things to do, somethings have already been done:
  • Game Day - each child can pick a game for all of us to play together
  • Watch some holiday movies together
  • Zoo Lights - we live about 30 minutes or so from the National Zoo and they decorate with lights. This was actually The Hubs idea.
  • Jammie Up and Go to Watkins Park - a local park does a wonderful light display. For those of you local to us, we have found that Watkins Park is more affordable and we have enjoyed there more than Lights on the Bay.
  • Make Cookies Together to Give to Friends - we did some of this but I think we are going for round 2.
  • Craft Day - I want to help the girls make blankets for their baby dolls and friendship bracelets. I think I will be a rebel and pull out the finger paints for the boys.
  • Drive around the neighborhood looking at lights and eating hot fudge sundaes
  • Make Paper Snowflakes to hang from the playroom ceiling
  • Make Fudge
  • Go Iceskating on New Year's Eve
  • Relax


Joyce said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! We have been opening small gifts every day for the last 12 days, too. And it does work our great. The gifts don't get lost in the pile and they have had something new to play and keep them entertained. The plan next year is to only give 3 bought gifts each...absolutely. So, I guess we won't be doing this again...unless I can pull off some home-made things:) But, it has been fun this year.
Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas!
Much love,


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