Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to Life, Back to Reality

After a wonderful 3 week holiday break we are finally getting back into the swing of life.  I am so glad that we took the an extra week of vacation, I think the kids and I really needed it. 

Did I mention to you that I have been a bit stressed lately.  Personal issues, a bit of homeschool frustration and to top it off sibling rivalry.  Like I said, we just needed a break.  A time to step away from the academics and work on relationships.  I was really feeling like I was being more of a sheep herder school teacher than a mom. 

During our time off we played games, hung out together, watched movies {LOTS OF MOVIES}and just spend time together.  The time off really was a blessing. 

We started back last week and had a FABULOUS week!  You know how taking a break from school can kind of cause kids to get accustomed to not having a routine and then they can be all fussy about getting back into one?  Didn't have any of that (thank you Lord)!  The Lord just really blessed our week. 

We got back into My Father's World, just finished week 10.  For those of you not familiar with MFW our Bible and History is kind of intertwined together.  We studied the death and resurrection of Christ, we watched The Robe, read stories about those that have been martyred for Christ like Polycarp, Stephen, Peter and Paul.  When we watched The Robe the kids got to see alot of the different things that we have been studying these last few months in on Rome studies.  It was a blessing to hear them point things out that they remembered.  Even Alpha Boy, who is only 5, was pointing things out.  Sometimes I think he is not listening, but I now stand corrected : ) 

We are also thoroughly enjoying Twice Freed by Patricia St. John.  In this story she takes the biblical letter from Paul to Philemon and turns it into a beautiful story.  The kids and I are all really into the story so much so that we are actually ahead of our scheduled reading due to them begging for me to "just read one more chapter."

One of the books that we are using for science this year is The Body Book, which we LOVE.  This past week we focused on joints in the body and how they work.  The really neat thing about The Body Book is that the kids get to make these really cool paper models of body parts.  So far this year we have made paper eyeballs, a tongue with taste buds, the whole skeletal system and joints. 

I am not sure if mentioned on here on not that I have been looking more and more into Charlotte Mason and her recommendations.  One thing I have been back and forth about in my own mind is the whole idea of copywork.  Part of me thinks it just sounds too easy but after joining a group of other homeschool moms that have had success with it I am deciding to give it a try.  So, for now anyway, the girls are going to be doing copywork along with Daily Grams from Easy Grammar. 

We did alot of snuggling on the couch and reading this past week.  I try to make it a priority to snuggle up and read with Little Bits before I start schooling with the others, I have noticed that it really does make a difference with him.  I think he feels included if we read or do an activity together before I work with everyone else.  Also, Alpha Boy was very excited to have started reading Bob Books this week! 

This week our extra curricular activites start back up.  I am so glad that school and everything else didn't all start back up at once and we had a chance to ease back into things.


Under the Sky said...

Your week sounded so lovely. Thanks for sharing it! I do love those weeks where it feels that everything clicks and the Lord blesses it. It makes my homeschool mama heart happy. It sounds like you had one of those. :)



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