Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Movies to Watch

I love a good holiday movie.  Holiday movies are some of the best around.  Tthey are so warm and cozy, don't ya think?  I love them so much that I have compiled a list of the ones I really want to see between now and the New Years, time permitting of course.   

I went to my handy dandy DVR and scheduled several movies to be recorded.  I plan to cozy up a bit with the crew in the evenings to watch them.  Thought I'd share my list with you all:

The Christmas Card - his is one of my favorites.  We actually watched this one this evening : )
The Christmas Wish - We also watched this one tonight, another keeper.
Christmas in Canaan
Christmas Comes Home to Canaan
A Dog Named Christmas
The Note - not really a holiday movie but it's still on my list
A Princess for Christmas  - This one was VERY good!!
Christmas Pageant
Christmas Snow - We saw this one last year and it was a WOW!  I purchased this one on sale at the Family Christian bookstore. 
November Christmas
It's a Wonderful Life - My mother used to watch this movie EVERY year and somehow I think I still have not seen it all the way through.
A Christmas Wedding Tail
Call Me Mrs. Miracle - This is the sequel to Mrs. Miracle, which we recently watched and really enjoyed.
Trading Christmas
You may have noticed that there aren't any Santa Claus movies on my list, that is not by accident.  We simply do not do Santa Claus.

What are you favorite holiday movies?


Beeker said...

I like the Christmas Card as well. I just got A dog named Christmas from a friend. So, I'm excited to watch that.


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