Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Little Revamping Required

I have been a bit overwhelmed lately, to be quite honest.  With school, with kids and with life.

For starters, I was never one of those moms that ran my kids all over creation for activities, until this year.  I know that this works great for some moms and some kids.  Just not for us.  I prayed about ALL of the activities that I wanted my kids to do this year and REALLY felt that the Lord was leading us to them and opening doors in these directions.  As we attempted to plug along I very quickly realized I was more stressed than ever and so were my kids. 

As much as I wanted my girls to learn to play the flute and the fact that the Lord provided a friend to give them the lessons, it just it not the season for us to be doing that right now. 

As much as I wanted my girls to be doing speech and saw the Lord open the door for them to do it.  As much as I see the fruit in other "speech kids" and really desire that for my kids, it is just not the season for us right now.  

Again, being honest here, I allowed myself to feel guilty for not making these things work out.  Oh the guilt of a homeschool mom!  Thanks be to God, I am over it.  I felt the immediate relief once we gave up flute and speech, again both great things, just not for us right now.  Doing all that running around made me a big ol' stress ball, REALLY!  Don't believe me, ask any of my kids they'll tell ya.

The Lord is growing me little by little that we have to do what works for our little family.  I really thought I already knew that but I guess I am a slow learner.  I can not compare us to other families, although that is my natural tendency.  Obviously, I want my children to know the Lord and grow in godly character.  Of course I want them to learn and succeed in academics but it has to be at the pace God puts us and His plan, not mine and not The Jones Family down the street. 

For us right now, we are keeping choir which all 4 of our chidlren can participate in.  It is a wonderful ministry, it is a wonderful way to worship the Lord and it covers music for school. 

We are also keeping my Tuesday morning Bible study.  I need it.  In addition to it being all about me : ) both of my girls get to help out with watching the little kids.  I think it is good to be helping out and serving others in our church. 
With all of that said, I am trying to revamp a bit, the way we school, the way our house runs and my mind set of it all.  I have decided to go on Winter break a bit earlier than usual {can a get a whoo hoo!}to sit at the feet of Jesus, to work on some training and character issues as well as building relationships and tying heart strings.  I may also read a few "How to Overcome Homeschool Burnout" articles : )


Joyce said...

Thanks for being so transparent. I think we all struggle with the same things. My girls were signed up for way too much bc they thought they wanted that much to do. We dropped a few things and a few things have ended and I know we are ALL breathing a sigh of relief. Now, when they ask to add something to the schedule I will be able to remind them what this season was like and ask them if they are sure they want to get that busy again.
Will be praying God rejuvenates you on your break!


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