Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TOS Crew: Scruble Cube Review

We were given the opportunity to review the Scruble Cube for the TOS Crew, which is 3D word game that is a cross between a Rubik Cube and a Scrabble board game.  See, check it out...


This is a educational and fast paced game that is recommended for kids 8 years old and up.  According to the makers of Scruble Cube, "If you can spell C-A-T then you can play! " The Hubs was in charge of reviewing this game with the kids (I am not a cross wordy, Rubik cube kinda girl). 

I think they struggled at first with the Scruble Cube thinking that after one player built a word, the next player had to build on it, which is not the case.  You can build on another players word but it is not necessary to play.  It is quite easy to form words as you can make a totally new word or add one or more letters to an existing word to make a new word.  We soon learned that you simply make words while racking up points at the same time, each letter is given a point value.  The bigger the words the more points you earn.  The people with most points wins the game!

We liked that this game is pretty versatile and 1 to 4 players can play at one time.  You can make the rules easy or more challenging.  You can play with or with out the included timer.  You can have a three letter word minimum or four to make it more difficult.  They have even included "wild cards" to make any letter you want.

Scruble Cube even has several other options for play on their website that offer even more educational value, like sentence building.  I think it would be great to have kids try to spell out some of their spelling list words to spice up spelling. 

As a mom, I love that it is educational.  I also like that this is a simple game, in other words there aren't 37 pieces that I have to track of.  You have the cube, a sand timer, a rubber band and a pad of score cards.  One other bonus, is that when your 3 year old is so excited about this new game you have bought that he rips the box open in excitement, all the contents will fit perfectly in a Ziploc bag : )

We aren't the only ones that think the Scruble Cube is great, it received the Dr. Toys Best Pick for New Products as well as the Creative Toy Award for 2010 from Creative Child Magazine.

Scruble Cube would make a great gift for kids, adults and even teachers.  It can be purchased directly from Scruble Cube for $24.95.

We were given the Scruble Cube free of charge for review purposes only.  We were not paid in any way and the opinions expressed here are my own.


joelle said...

Sounds great! I was sad I did not get to review it, and I can see I really missed out. Great review.

Tim @ Families Again said...

Great review. I wish my six year old were as excited about it as your three year old was! :-)


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