Sunday, October 9, 2011

Come, Sing Allelu

by Russ Borchardt and Stan Pethel

Celebrate what the Father has done for you;
celebrate the gift of his Son;
Celebrate how the Spirit renews in you life everlasting!
Come, sing allelu!

Chorus: Alleluia!
Our highest praises we bring to our King,
singing alleluia!
Celebrate, come, sing allelu!

Celebrate every blessing upon us poured;
celebrate each gift from the Lord;
celebrate every work that he bids us do.
Celebrate him; come sing allelu!

My girls sang this a few weeks ago in choir, it is a beautiful song!  They are still singing it around the house.  My oldest was even this song in Target the other day, THAT WAS A BLESSING!! 

You can listen to Come, Sing Allelu! here.


Ruth said...

Glad they liked the song!


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