Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our New School Room {LINKY}

I have fallen in love.  The Hubs let me splurge a few months ago on these shelves from Ikea.  You see we have purchased several of the cheapy type bookcases that have been, well, duds.  When I would load them up with books, because there are bookcases, they break. 

I have been eye balling these Expedit Ikea shelves for a LONG TIME.  I had even been scoping out Craigslist looking for used ones but never found the right ones.  Finally, I asked The Hubs if we could just invest in these and not have to keep buying junkie ones.  He said YES!   I love how sturdy these shelves are, we can load these babies up and guess what,  they DON'T BREAK!  Can I get an AMEN!

Two other additions to the play/school room are the train table and the art center.  Both of which were acquired at Good Will one sunny afternoon.  My mother in law got both of them for the kids. 
We had a train table but the top was pretty jacked up, so when we saw this one for such a deal we scooped it up.  I think the train table was a whooping $10. 

The large plastic drawers make up our Art Center.  The chalkboard was given to us.  I know that it looks cheeeezzy leaning up again the table BUT I don't have anymore wall space because of all the windows and this spot is perfect for the little people. 
These shelves hold all our books plus any educational games that we have.
The art center was filled will all kinds of artsie stuff like scuplty clay, ribbon, buttons, ribbon, and oh yeah, more ribbon.  I think it was $10 or $15.  Not only does it keep the kids busy, it keeps them out of my craft stuff.  Thanks again Mom!!

This is the opposite site of our play/school room.  We use this side mostly for games and toy storage.
 We still have our workboxes, mostly to just house our school stuff.  They don't go thru all the workboxes everyday.   Little Bits got his very own workbox this year.  I actually like the 3 larger drawers because a lot of the stuff I have for him to do wouldn't fit in the Joann's 10 Drawer Cart. 

This is  the view of from our kitchen. 
If you want to see what our play/school room used to look like you can check it out here.

I love to look at other peoples playrooms and school room, it is a great way to get new ideas.  If anyone would like to Link Up their playrooms please do.


danielle @ RLR said...

What I wouldn't give to have the basement finished (we've been planning on putting walls up down there for TWO years now) and have an IKEA shopping spree to totally make over my school room!

LOVE the shelves. :)


Amy said...

I like your school room! All that great storage is so helpful in staying organized!

Amy @ Missional Mama

lisaplus6 said...

your school room is wonderful! I have been trying to decide if the dining room is still working or if we need to give up our second living/scrapbook/sewing space :)

Anonymous said...

I love Ikea! I could dream of all the possibilities. I finally saved up some money and I bought 3 Billy Shelves with the extension kit - these go almost to the ceiling now. And a 4x4 Expedit and a 2x4 Expedit. We may stack those which will bring it right up to the ceiling. I have been drooling over these for so long and like you, I kept perusing Craig's list for like 2 years and they were never the white ones. I couldn't believe that I filled them up. I didn't realize that I had squirreled away stuff EVERYWHERE and when I pulled it all out, the shelves quickly filled. I LOVE mine!

Lisa said...

I LOVE all those bookshelves! You have a nice room. :)


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