Friday, August 13, 2010

The LSG School/Playroom

I posted pics of our school/playroom a while back.  Since then we have added a few taller bookcases and have a different table ($15 at a yard sale) in there.  I also got rid of the larger TV and replaced it with a smaller one, I decided I would much rather use the space for books than a TV stand. 

Yes, we love books (and YES! I got my new camera, Yippee)!  Yippee!  Do you see the little 13in dinosaur in corner just under our laminated wall map (which I got at Borders for super cheap)?  This table was supposed to be a island in my kitchen but all my real life friends and finally even I agreed it was too big, so it ended up in the school room. 

I "try" to keep the books separated by subject or type.  Kinda like this, math books, science/nature books, history/cultures/countries/maps, readers, Bible stories, health/manners, chapter books, coloring/activity books, etc.  I also try to keep the different series together.  My lovely children do not always share my passion to be organized (sigh) but for the most we keep it together. 

We currently have 3 workboxes (which we REALLY LOVE), I am considering getting one for Little bits but I am thinking the same thing you are probably thinking, where in the world would I put it.  Those 2 blue creates contain our file folder games in one and the school books that we do together in the other.  That tall shelf in the corner does hold some books but it mostly holds math manipulative's, art supplies, paper, beads, a flower press and activity bags.

To display our artwork I strung a clothes line across the whole back wall and we just clip them there.  

For our games and toys we use these white wire shelves along with some laundry baskets from Target.  The baskets are sorted by blocks, toddler toys, heroes/men, Little People, cars & trucks, dolls, doll clothes, Dora doll house stuff, etc.   I try to switch out the toys on top of the train table for the boys, they really seem to enjoy it. 

We have a large green tote for all things dress up - clothes, purses, hats, shoes, swords, capes, Hulk boxing gloves (don't ask, it was a Hubs thing), etc.  The couch was a $50 purchase from craiglist (I really L O V E Craigslist BTW).  Usually, I sit there to read Bible, Read alouds and History with the kids although this summer we've been hanging in the family room. 

We do alot of the subjects we do together in the school/playroom, like Bible and anything that we read together.  Language Arts, Math and anything they are doing independently seem to get done at the kitchen table.  The school/playroom is right off my kitchen. 

I have to admit I am kinda glad to be starting school again.  I had high hopes of doing some school thru the summer and yeah, it just didn't happen, other than Bible and a read aloud.  Oh well, maybe next summer or maybe not : )

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Briana said...

I love all the windows in your schoolroom. You must have some wonderful natural light. I'm going to have to remember your idea for displaying artwork!

I'm His Kid said...

I love your schoolroom. I wish I had all that space. It must be very fun for your children to go to school each day. Thank you for sharing it.


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