Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Menu Plan 8/24/11

I know it's not Monday.  But I figured my crew might not be so happy if I waitied until next Monday to make a list and buy food.  Just sayin'!

I have recently tried to start shopping for two weeks at a time, at least for lunch and dinners.  I know that fresh fruit and veggies is usually a weekly thing, but some of the other stuff I can get away with doing once every two weeks.

I used to do this back in the day and I am not quite sure why I stopped.  I know that grocery shopping is a necessity and I am thankful to be able to shop BUT if I can reduce the amount of trips too the grocery store, I am ALL FOR IT!

I also typed up my list a little different this week.  So here goes...

• JUICE, JUICE, JUICE!!! (*Because I have gotten too FAT, FAT, FAT and I need to reduce my calorie intake to help lose some poundage : )
• Waffles
• Pancakes
• Smoothies & Bagels
• Cereal
• French Toast
• Fruit & Yogurt
• Eggs and Toast
• Muffins & Fruit

• SALAD, SALAD, SALAD!!! - (*see above) 
• Chicken Nuggets
• Egg Salad Sandwiches
• Ham or Turkey Sandwiches
• PB& J’s
• Mac & Cheese
• Grilled Cheese
• Quesadillas
• Hot Dogs & Fries

• Beef Stroganoff w/ Green Beans
• Chicken Burritos w/ Corn and Cantaloupe
• Shepherd’s Pie
• Breakfast Night – Oven Scrambled Eggs, Bacon & Oven Pancake
• Pizza (2)
• Taco Soup (Dinner’s Ready! Page 132) w/ Corn & Chips
• Sweet & Sour Chicken (Dinner’s Ready! Page 144) w/ Rice
• Crockpot - Chili Macaroni & Cheese (More, Make it Fast and Cook it Slow Page 180)
• Crockpot - Lemon Pepper Chicken w/ Rice & Veggie
• BLT’s, Fruit and Chips
• Grilled Cheese, Tomato Soup & Broccoli
• Hot Dog Casserole

Things to Make This Week:
Granola, Bread, Blueberry Muffins, Rice Crispy Treats


Anonymous said...

Salads are not always as healthy as you might believe.
I just learned this myself. I have changed my diet and the way I eat, and have been steadily losing weight each for the last 5 months. No surgery, no special diets, just eatting right and the right way for me.
Good luck! :)


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