Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Night Night Book Review & Giveaway

I love books and reading them to my children.  I especially love to snuggle up and read naptime and bedtime stories to the little guys.  Over the years we have had a few favorites.  You know what I am talking about, that one book that kids bring to you every day or every night, that one book that your 2 year old can pretty much recite with out you. 

The Night Night Book by Marianne Richmond has become that book for us.  Little Bits is quite happy to have it read to him on a daily basis.  Once you start reading a page he will finish your sentence for you.  We have read this book so many times that he has most of it memorized. 

The Night Night Book is is a board book that is geared for the younger ones.  It starts off with a child that is in his "comfy bed, all tucked in.  Cozy blanket toes to chin."  Then he goes through saying night night to the trees, flowers and sun.  Night night to to his crayons, smock and glitter glue.  The story is very cute and has a little rhythm to it, which of course little kids love.

It is illustrated very nicely, with adorable cut out pictures that are bright and colorful.  Little Bits loves to point out certain things and count crayons, flowers, stars and as we read through The Night Night Book.

This little board book makes a great naptime, bedtime or anytime story book and would be a great addition to any toddlers story collection.  You can purchase your own copy for $7.95 on Amazon.

You can also WIN a copy of The Night Night Book!  The publisher of The Night Night Book, Sourcebooks, has offered to GIVEAWAY one to one of my readers.  The GIVEAWAY will run until June 17th 2011.  Here is how you can enter to win: 
  • You must Follow LSG through Google Friend Connect, so please let me know that you follow. 
  • If you are also an email subscriber that will get you an extra entry if you let me know. 
  • Let your readers know about this giveaway by posting about it on your Blog, Facebook or Twitter page and let me know or leave me a link. 
  • Check out some of the other books by Marianne Richmond and tell which others interest you. 

You can find other great Naptime and Bedtime Story ideas over at Smockity Frocks.

We received The Night Night Book free of charge from Sourcebooks for review purposes only.   The opinions expressed her are mine and I was not influence by the company or the free product.


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