Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Solutions: Get a Wagon!

This might sound a little goofy but it has been a huge blessing in our little world.  Last fall we were blessed to find a plastic Radio Flyer Wagon in great shape at a yard sale for only $5.  Of course we bought it, it was a deal we didn't want to pass up.

The Hubs and I had figured that we got our money's worth after watching our 4 kids play with this wagon for about an hour once we pulled it out of the car. 

If I haven't told you before, the Lord gave me one smart husband.  One day when I had returned from the grocery store with a van full of groceries he had a brilliant IDEA!  Instead of making 8 trips to the van why not use the handy dandy wagon. 

From that day forward that is how the LSG house carries in groceries, the lazy efficient way.  We load up the wagon and usually only have to make one trip. 

We just wheel that baby right on in the kitchen, unload and then put our groceries away. 

Like I said, Get a Wagon!


Gretta said...

Wow, that IS a great idea! We will have to try that next time. We've also used ours to pull kids while we marched in a parade and used it to carry our purchases at the farmers market (rather than have to tote it in our arms the whole time). However, we didn't get ours for $5...LOL! You guys got a great deal when you found that wagon..Congrats!


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