Friday, March 4, 2011

Did I Mention We Got a Turtle?

Because obviously 3 dogs, 3 hermit crabs and 2 hamsters aren't enough for us, we got a TURTLE. 

We have wanted a turtle for a while.  I am included in the we, BTW.  Friends of ours had a turtle (maybe a box turtle) and every since we saw them feeding it little worms we were hooked and really wanted one. 

I looked into getting a turtle over the summer.  I found out that my county doesn't even sell turtles because of the salmonella risk.  So I just kinda dropped the subject.  Then, one day last week an ad came across my email from someone on freecycle for a turtle.  A Red Eared Slider to be exact.  The 20 gallon tank, light, filter, floating island thing and food were all included, FOR FREE. 

I emailed the lady and 3 days later we has a turtle.  His name is Bowser - isn't that the King Turtle's name from Super Mario Bro.s circa 1990?  Just sayin.  Not sure if the kids are going to change his (assuming that it's a he).  There have been some other names floating around, like Crush from Finding Nemo, Franklin and Tuck (Wonderpets) but nothing conclusive.  we are up for name suggestions if you have any.

The turtle is really cool and fairly low maintenance.  So far we know that he really likes assorted lettuce leafs, carrots, apple and celery.  When it is a little warmer I am going to send the kids out hunting for worms. 

The girls have already done some research about Red Eared Sliders (Science) and we found some cool videos on youtube (don't you just love youtube!).  Like this one, and this oneThis one is the coolest, the turtles are eating worms.  Red Eared Sliders are semi aquatic and omnivours, in case you were wondering.  : )



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