Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lord, I am Thine, Entirely Thine

written by Sammual Davies

Lord, I am Thine, entirely Thine,
Purchased and saved by blood divine;
With full consent Thine I would be,
And own Thy sovereign right in me.

Grant one poor sinner more a place
Among the children of Thy grace—
A wretched sinner, lost to God,
But ransomed by Immanuel’s blood.

Thine would I live, Thine would I die,
Be Thine through all eternity;
The vow is past beyond repeal,
And now I set the solemn seal.

Here, at that cross where flows the blood
That bought my guilty soul for God,
Thee my new Master now I call,
And consecrate to Thee my all.

I love the words in this song.  The last stanza is my favorite, although the whole song is good.  If you would like to hear this hymn you can do that here.



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