Monday, November 15, 2010

TOS Crew: Corps of Re-Discovery

We were given the opportunity to do a craft kit from Corps of Re-Discovery, a company that specializes in crafts and other products from early American history, for the TOS Crew.    The craft kit that we were given to do was the Patchwork Quilt Kit.

At first I was a little concerned, because I am by no means a quilter.  My sewing skills are minimal at best.  Once the kit arrived and I checked it out my fears were very much relieved, and I was excited to get started wit the girls. 

Here are some things we found we really liked about the kit:
  • The kit came with great step by step instructions that even I could easily understand.
  • The pre-cut quilting squares and fabric took the hard work out of the project.
  • Even though the directions explained how to make one large patchwork doll quilt, I felt comfortable enough with the project to make it our own.  We actually made each of the girls a smaller doll quilt and pillow for their doll cradles.
  • I loved how I was able to do this together with the girls.  Computer Girl learned how to do a straight stitch by hand and The Little Chef was able to practice what she had already learned.  They both did a fabulous job!
  • This kit, as well as the others, are very affordable.  The Patchwork Quilt Kit is only $11.99. 

My children and I love the Pioneer time period, no matter what we are studying for history during the year we always take the week before Thanksgiving to study the pioneers.  Making this patchwork quilt was a great start to our studies.

We really enjoyed making the doll quilts and would love to try some of their other craft kits like the Corn Husk Doll Kit, My First Tatting Kit and the Early American Sampler.

NOTE:  I had some great pictures of our quilts but I can not upload them at this time because my computer that holds all of my pictures will not power up.  The Hubs could fix it tonight but he couldn't.  So, once the computer comes home from the shop I will upload the pictures.  

This product was given to us free of charge from Corps of Re-Discovery for review purposes.   The opinions here are my own and I was not compensated in any way. 


Sheri said...

Very nice review and the quilt is lovely. One suggestion: you may want to put a direct link to our TOS crew review homepage so they can read the other posts too. HTH

FM Sheri

The Unsell Family said...

We were given the quilt to review too and my daughter loved making it.


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