Sunday, November 14, 2010

You Made Us Your Own

by Steven & Vicki Cook, Bob Kauflin

We were ruined in our sin
We were guilty and undone
When Your love reached down with sovereign hands
And beckoned us to come

You sought out the wanderers
Made the prodigals come home
With a lavish feast You welcomed us
For You made us Your own

You have loved us like You love Your Son
We are heirs with Christ, bought by His blood
Oh how great the love that we’ve been shown
We’re Your children now, You made us Your own

We are strangers to the world
But no strangers to Your throne
We draw near You now with confidence
For all our fears are gone

And when Christ our King returns
We’ll meet saints we’ve never known
And forever we will be amazed
That You made us Your own

This is a wonderful picture of what the Lord God has done for the Christian.  I am so very thankful for His love and His sovereign hand.

I am also thankful that when He looks at me, He sees His Son.  I do not boast because of anything that I have done, but because Jesus has done it all!

You can listen to this beautiful song here.



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