Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Hubs Dream Come True.... Homemade Hamburger Helper!!

If you have ever read any of my menu plans you probably have read how The Hubs LOVES Hamburger Helper.  While I do aim to please my husband's palate I just can't bring myself to buy a helper in a box mix, much less make one.  Again, not to offend anyone but it grosses me out!  I am also not a food snob, I just try to made things minus all the preservatives, additives and funky stuff that manufacturers feel so inclined to add to their foods.

The other night while I was menu planning I decided to Google  Homemade Hamburger Helpers and I was very excited with the results.  I came across another blogger who came up with a recipe, well several, "homemade helpers."  Don't you just love Blog World!! 

So, tonight for din din I made the Chili Cheese Hamburger Helper and as Paul Tripp says, Wowy Zowy!!  The Hubs gave it a 10.5!!  The only other recipe that has earned a 10.5 in the LSG house is the Crockpot Sloppy Joe's. 



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