Monday, October 11, 2010

TOS Crew: Talking Fingers

We were given the opportunity to review Read, Write and Type by Talking Fingers from the TOS Crew.  This program, as the title implies, teaches child not only to type but to read and write as well. 

At first I thought this program would be only for Computer Girl (7) and maybe Alpha Boy (4) but The Lil Chef (9) seems to really enjoy it as well.  While the children have played the games on Read, Write and Type I have been off to the side watching them.  What I have noticed is, they really enjoy the program and they are learning! 

With fun games and an adorable cast of characters the children are learning how to read and type.  The phonetic sounds that they already know are being reinforced.  So far, the children have been working on the individual letters, one by one they are taught the sound of each letter and it's placement on the keyboard.  Then they take a fun trip to the park for some typing fun, Computer Girl says this is her favorite part. 

As they learn each letter stories are also formed, for instance after learning the letters F,A, J, T and C they were taught a story about a fat cat.  As the story was told the kids had to type out parts of the story.  Two of the characters in the game are Lefty and Right way, these helping hands assist the children along the way by showing them which fingers to use to type each key.

I would recommend this program as a phonics supplement and a typing program.  Even if one were only looking for a phonics program, why not get the added benefit of the typing program along with it or vice versa.  You can purchase the Read, Write and Type Home Edition two ways, the CD version is $79.00 or the online yearly subscription ranges from $33.00 to $100 depending on how many students you have.

Please check out what some of my other crew members are saying about Talking Fingers.

This product was provided to us free of charge to review for the TOS Crew.  I was not paid in any way and the opinions expressed here are my own.



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