Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a Week. And it's ONLY Tuesday!

So far this week I have given myself a bloody nose, had my computer ruined by Little Bits and lost one of our hamsters.  I am ready for the weekend, is it almost here yet??

I can laugh about it now, but yes, I busted my nose Sunday evening.  How did I manage such a thing you might be wondering.  Well, the homeschool group I belong to is having their once a year used curriculum fair today and I wanted to go thru my books to see what I needed for next year.  I was in the garage pulling down boxes and one of them was an old Pampers box.  The handle broke and my hand flew up and busted my nose.  I immediately felt the blood dripping down my face.  The hubs was upstairs helping the kids get ready for bed so I go to the steps and scream up to him.  He of course doesn't hear me because the door is closed, the kids are running around and the tv is on.  I am thinking, are you serious right now, this stuff only happens to me.  I hollered again and he finally heard me.  I am a sissy when it comes to blood BTW, hence the screaming for the husband.  He comes down, hears my story, plugs my nose, and tells me he thinks it is broken.  Praise God it wasn't.  After the blood stops he cracks up and says "Ha ha!  I am going to have to facebook this one!"  Have I told you how much I love this man??!  Anyway the nose is still a bit sore but no big deal.  Who knew homeschooling could be so dangerous!

As far as the computer, I was checking my email yesterday morning while drinking morning coffee and Lil' Bits decided it would be lots of fun to take a cup of water and DUMP IT on my laptop!  HELLO, doesn't he know I need my computer, I have a blog to run!  : )
I thought it was a goner!  My friend said it would be an act of God for it to start working again.  I guess it was the Lord's will for my computer to be in working order because this morning I tried to turn it on and IT WORKED!  That was a HUGE BLESSING!  The Lord did however show me few things in the mist of this little situation.  One was that I need to seek Him before I seek my email. 

As for the hamster, did I tell you we got a third hamster?  This one is so NOT like the other two.  This one is mean & bites everyone.  We can't even hold her.  I have never had hamsters prior to now.  Beings that the other two are so friendly, I just assumed that most hamsters were the same.  Big fat N O T!!! 
I have just gotten to where I can pet her on the back for a second or two before she tries to chomp my finger off - this is a HUGE improvement.
Last night I had decided that I was gonna hold this thing whether she liked it or not.  I put gloves on, because one injury was really enough for me this week, and picked her up.  I think I held her for a whole 15 seconds and then put her back.  Evidently, I someone forgot to close the cage door last night and this morning she was gone.
We spent half the morning looking for the rebel hamster and finally gave up.  A little later I was changing Lil' Bits and there she was!  As we tried to catch her she almost got eaten by 2 of the dogs and the family room got rearranged but we were so happy we had found her!  Now ask me if we caught her??  Not yet, but hopefully, she will turn up again soon.

Don't you love it, NO yellow spelling blocks!


Jennifer said...

Oh no! Your poor nose!


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