Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Boy Who Wouldn't Give Up Review & GIVEAWAY!

In teaching and training our children, one of the things that I like to instill in them is perseverance.  Many times over, I have told my children to press on, don't give up and you can do it.  Especially with schoolwork and chores, children, well my children anyway, like to give up when things aren't going as smoothly as they would like.  I am going to venture out and say that even as adults, we can tend to give up when the going gets tough too!

So, when I was given the opportunity to review the audio book of The Boy Who Wouldn't Give Up by Janet Clark Shay, I was pretty excited.  It is a blessing to find things that teach the values of God's word in a way that kids can really relate too!  The Boy Who Would Give Up is about a little boy named Jacob that is trying to learn how to get some perseverance after hearing that his older sister was going to get some!

Jacob really struggles with understanding what this new big word, perseverance really means.  Through puppies, piano practice and playtime at the park, the kids learn what perseverance is and what it isn't! 

Jacobs tries to get perseverance by not giving up or giving in, but instead, what he does get is a few life lessons.  With the love and encouragement from Grandma Alice, Jacob finally gets it!  Jacob and his siblings learn what perseverance is and that Whether therefore ye eat, or drink or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God (1Cor10:31).

This was a really a great story, the kids and I really have enjoyed it.  I hope that there are more coming in the series (Janet: Hint, Hint!!)   The audio book on CD is about 15 minutes long and has some wonderful illustrations inside the CD case.  Sable Creek Press is the publisher of The Boy Who Wouldn't Give Up and they publish several other books that have a Christian Worldview.  You can purchase your own copy of The Boy Who Wouldn't Give Up for $7.95.

I am very excited that Sable Creek Press has offered a copy of The Boy Who wouldn't Give Up to one of you!  This contest will end on June18th. 

There several ways to enter, please leave a separate comment for each way that you enter.
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  • Visit Sable Creek Press and tell me what other books or audio books interest you. 


Jennifer said...

I'm a follower! :). This audio book sounds really good!

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wdworkman said...

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Alycia M said...

I'm an email subscriber!

April said...

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michelle said...

I think we would enjoy Rowdy Raccoon and the Turtle Who Wanted to Fly.


Anonymous said...

Just started following! Found the contest link in the Workboxes Yahoo Group. Thanks!

Gigi Lynn said...

I heard about this giveaway on SHS. Thank you for the opportunity to win this!

Donita said...

Hi. I'm a new follower. I saw the link for your contest on the workboxes yahoo group. Thanks


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