Monday, June 7, 2010

I Was a Little Embarrassed, But I Got A Good Laugh!

Whoopsy Daisy, as my momma used to say!

Today I got a friendly, very appreciated email from another blogger mommy to inform me about how I could make the yellow spelling blocks go away from my posts.  I just really had to laugh because I truly thought that I was the only one that saw them! 

For a while, I didn't have spell check, honest to goodness it was simply not there!  Then one day out of no where, there it was, WHAT A BLESSING!  I am a craft & history girl, math & spelling, not so much!  Yes, I homeschool my children and I Praise the Lord for Teacher Manuals and Teacher Keys!

Not sure which is funnier to me, the yellow spelling blocks that I thought only I saw or the fact that my non bloggin' sister thought I actually got up at 6am to post blogs and called me to chat!  So, from this day forward, I promise (Lord willing) to not have anymore yellow spelling blocks or misspelled words on my post. 

Thanks again Joyce (Joyful Creations) for your willingness to politely correct me!


momtime said...

How funny! I'm fairly new to this whole blogging thing, and am now wondering if I have any yellow blocks! LOL!
PS- I love your blog!! And I never noticed the little blocks!!

Brandi said...

Thanks so much! Your are not to have noticed : )

I learned that if you do have those nasty little spelling blocks just click on the spell check button again.


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