Monday, May 17, 2010

I Got to Meet & Stamp with Shelli!

If you have every heard of Stampin' Up! then chances are you have heard of Shelli Gardner.  She is the owner and co-founder of Stampin' Up!

Do you all remember those cards I posted a few weeks ago?  Well, the demonstrator that held that workshop, Maryann, won a Work Shop of a Lifetime with Shelli, meaning that Shelli was going to come to town to do a special workshop for Maryann.  Well, this was the first time that I had ever met Maryann, who is super sweet BTW, and when she was telling me about the workshop I said, "I wanna come!"  Long story short, I was in! 

Last Monday evening was the workshop.  Shelli actually was the "demonstrator" and did a great workshop.  Once we arrived we were able to make a cute little tag for pens, and Shelli demo'ed 2 cards.  We got to make one of them ourselves, although I was so busy chatting with Shelli that my card looked like I had never stamped before, LOL

Shelli, is so friendly and easy to talk to.  My sister and I got to talk to her about how she and her sister started Stampin' Up!, her family (I told her that they take the best family pictures!) and I had her show me how to properly tie a knot on a card. 

Shelli posted some pics of the workshop on her personal blog So Shelli, if you wanna check them out.


Mrs. Mandy said...

That is so cool! I like you have gotten away from my stamping and scrapping and miss it so much. I also used to be a demo and miss it too. I love being a homeschool momma though!


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