Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Roll 'n Add Game Review

e had the opportunity to review the Roll 'n Add Game from Emines.  This is a great 2 player game that is wonderful for addition practice.  It is recommended for children that are between the ages of 5-8 years old, but for the record, my 9 year old enjoys playing with her younger sister.  This is one of those games that I just love, it is awesome to sneak in learning when the kids think they are just having fun!   

The kids pretty much figured out this game with on their own, I was heading into the room to explain the directions to them and they were already playing.  They have really been enjoying it ever since!

Basically, you have a small square game board, 20 double sided game chips, 2 10-sided dice and an addition table answer sheet.  There are 2 ways to play, according to the directions.

The first way to play is called Plus.  A player rolls both dice and then adds the 2 numbers together.  If they answer the problem correctly they can place a chip with the same number on the board, with their color facing up.  This game is played in Tic Tac Toe fashion, but with a CATCH!  Your piece and be "captured" and flipped over to be your opponents piece.  Which adds a fun twist to the game!

The second way to play is called Double.  This game is like the first, but instead of adding the 2 dice together the player rolls 1 dice and then doubles the number rolled.  If the player answers correctly he or she can place his chip on the board. 

In the spirit of being creative with our resources, you could definitely have 1 child play alone.  They could play by adding the 2 dice or doubling the 1 and just filling up the board.  This game would be great to put into workboxes and a wonderful way to switch up from math drills!  Playing together or playing alone, either way they are learning their math facts and having a great time in the process!

Emines not only sells the Roll 'n Add Game, they have a whole line of math games:
You can find them on Amazon.com and Rainbow Resources.  I hope to try the games for Time, Multiplication and Money soon!



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