Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to Properly Eat a Donut

Over the weekend we had my nephew over for a sleep over and when my sister came to get him she surprised the kids with donuts.

When Little Bits got his donut, it was on!  Like Donkey Kong, as the hubs says.  Just when you thought you knew how to properly eat a donut you get a lesson from your 22 month old son.

Evedently, manners don't count in donut eating. 
No need for a fork or hands for that matter.

Make sure that you eat all of the chocolate first,
this one I actually already knew.

Taking small bites and chewing your food throughly are obviously not the way to go.  The more you can shove it at one time, the better.

Sharing is always good.  But this time when offering to share a bite of your donut with mom always pull it back instead.  I could almost hear him say, ha ha, tricked ya!

Ah, who cares if you get a little chocolate on your face.

Last but not least, ENJOY!


Mrs. Fix said...

SO cute!

Joyce said...

Love it!

Theresa said...

so cute! I will have to remember the "rules" next time I eat a donut. My children would think I've lost it lol :)


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