Friday, May 28, 2010

What Did You Expect?

We were very blessed to get to attend a Paul Tripp Marriage Conference last Fall and all I can say is WOW!  The Lord has really given this man a gift in being able to drive it home.  He is honest, FUNNY and biblically sound.  He is a Pastor/Counselor in Philly.  Many of you have probably heard of his brother Tedd Tripp who wrote Shepherding A Child's Heart & Instructing A Child's Heart.

At the conference I purchased the What Did You Expect? CD's.  I am so glad I did, because I have to hear something several times to really let it sink in and be able to apply it to my world.  I think I have mentioned before that I try to listen to different messages in the evening when the kids go up to bed.  I usually listen while I am tidying the house, wiping tables, and folding laundry.  It is a great way to multi task.

Anyway, back to the CD's.  It has been a real eye opener to hear what the Lord has shown him in regards to marriages and relationships.  He helps you to uncover why problems in marriage exist.  I think what will forever stick with me is him saying, that we (ourselves) are the biggest problem in our marriage.  Because we are all sinners we seek to please ourselves and not others.  I have really gleaned alot from his messages, now i just need to get the application part down.

I think I have become a Paul Tripp Book collector too!  : )  He has written some real goodies!  The ones I have are:

Broken-Down House

War of Words: Getting to the Heart of Your Communication Struggles (Resources for Changing Lives)

Relationships: A Mess Worth Making

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.



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