Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's In the Box Wednesday - Pre K Style!

My 3 year old son loves his workboxes, although not always in numerical order.  I generally like to do boxes 1 & 2 with him, that way he feels he has had some school time with mom too.  I try make one a story and one an activity or little craft.

Here are his boxes:

1. This is a craft of a Chinese Junk Ship that we did.  It is from a craft kit that we are currently reviewing (& loving BTW) from Shirley's Pre Packaged Crafts.

2. The A Book and Ten Apples on Top books (these were his chioce).


3. The Beginner's Bible - he uses this sometimes during Bible.  I will usually allow them something quiet to do when we are doing Bible, like draw or color.  Sometimes we all jsut snuggle on a coach and read.

4. This is a Bean & Button Sorting Activity Bag.  I participated in a Preschool Activity Bags Swag and was very glad I did, got lots of fun stuff to do!

5. A Very Big Dinosaur Coloring Book

6. Chocolate Fix by Thinkfun.  It is one of those critical thinking kind of games, he really enjoys these!

7. Vtech Preschool Learning Tote 7 Go Laptop.  He has his own "big boy puter."

8. The Great Animal Search (this was included in the MFW ECC).

9. Royal Rescue, another critical thinking game.  This one is really cool, you have to make a "bridge" for the Prince to save the Princess, really cool little game.

10. Peg Board and Pegs.  Got this on clearance from an educational wesite. 



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