Friday, April 30, 2010

Watch Them Grow, Then Let Them Go! - A Butterfly Garden Review

For the last several weeks we've been really been enjoying ourselves.  Ever heard of a Butterfly Garden?  I have really been wanting to do one of these with the kids for a long time, I am so glad that we finally did!  We were given the chance to review the Butterfly Garden by Insect Lore

We got a whole butterfly kit - we got the Butterfly GardenButterfly Life Cycle Stage Figures and a Beautiful Painted Lady Butterfly Life Cycle Poster (which is laminated).

Remember how I said that I have my UPS man trained to NOT knock on the door (napping kids, barking dogs - you know the drill) when he delivers a package.  Ok, so the hubs comes homes and says "There is a package on the front porch that say LIVE INSECTS - Open Immediately!  What in the world are you all up to now?" So the kids and I ran, yes I ran too, to the front porch to get our catty's!  5 adorable teeny tiny caterpillars in a cute little jar!


The catty's had everything they needed - air, light and the special food that Insect Lore provided inside the jar.    For about a week, we got to watch them as they grew and grew and grew some more, this was so AWESOME!   We also got to watch them turn into a chrysalis, again VERY AWESOME!  We have never seen this process, to see the caterpillars spinning and turning into a chrysalis right before your eyes in an amazing thing. 

The hardest thing about having a butterfly garden is having to wait for the butterflies to emerge.  We couldn't wait to see them!  I think it took about a week and then out came the first butterfly.  I have to say, when the Lord creates, He goes all out!  These butterflies were beautiful!

One by one out they came, all five of them.  They were very simple to care for, I placed a paper plate on the bottom of the "garden" and put sliced fruit, fresh flowers and a sea sponge with sugar water on it.  We hooked them up!  We watched them for about 5 days and once it was a nice day we released them. 

This, I think, was the coolest part.  I know that it is not good to touch their wings so I put my finger to their feet and they would climb right on.  I was able to let each of the older kids hold a butterfly until it flew off! 

As you can see, they loved this!  This was a great experience for the whole family and I highly recommend Butterfly Gardens.  Beings that Insect Lore sells them for only $19.95, they would be great for Science, a Birthday gift or for no reason at all!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Brandi
I have "done" butterflies for 5 years now, and learn something new every time. Kids sure learn best when they can see the real thing. I added one more picture to my blog post, a child made a proboscis at the art center and the next thing I knew several children had made them and were "sipping nectar".


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