Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What we've been up to....

Last week My Father's World sent us on a "trip" to Japan and we had a great time!  As we studied Japan we enjoyed learning about their culture, customs and praying for the people there.  We learned a little bit about the foods they eat, the language they speak and there strong ties to family.    

For fun we made origami tulips with stems, houses and pianos using a Fun with Easy Origami book (that was fun)!  In case you were wondering, my flower is the yellow one, isn't it purdy??!! 

We also studied oceans.  We enjoyed reading The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor and Turtle Bay.  We watched a Moody Science video about Oceans and we watched a SciQ Video about Underwater.

We ending up making it a light week because we still had some sickies.  We only "stayed" in Japan for 1 week because we are doing a unit study this week, (fill ya in about it next week) but we enjoyed our trip. 



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