Wednesday, March 24, 2010

As for a new pet....

I am still thinking on it.  My girls are STILL begging me for guinea pigs.  My response so far as been "Love ya, but NO!"  I am seriously considering the turtle. 
A good friend of mine has graciously offered to loan us 2 of her birds until the novelty wears off, I am thinking we might take her up on it.  I told her we would in return loan or give her our rottie and she of course said no way!  Can't blame me for trying.  Well, at least she isn't jumping the fence and runing through the neighborhood anymore, PRAISE GOD!
We ALMOST got 2 female rats from a lady on craigslist but someone else got to them first.  Can't really believe that I was even considering that one. 
I'll keep you all posted and thanks for taking our poll!



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