Friday, August 9, 2013

5 Days of Learning with Unit Studies - The Wrap Up


Thanks for joining me this week!  For those of you that are just joining us, here's what we have done so far for our unit study:

Picked a topic and gathered some of books about it.  Ok, let's not kid ourselves, we have gathered a ton of books!

The kids have done some hands on activities, since that is how they learn best {wink, wink}

We have also taken the kiddos on a field trip or two Yes, a field trip!  Pack a lunch, throw something in the crockpot and roll out!  

Last but not least is the wrap up.  The wrap up is what we like to do at the end of a unit study that allows the kids to show us what they have learned, complete a project or just do something fun.  Here are some example of wrap up activities:
  I mentioned earlier how we wrapped up our horse unit.  The kids {well, the older 3} each choose a horse breed and did a little presentation.  They choose a mustangs, appaloosas and pintos.  They each focused on that breed through out our study.  They took large poster boards to sketch a large horse and colored it according to the patterns of their horse.  They also labeled them and shared several facts about horses and their specific breed.  They even dressed like cowboys and put on a little show for us.  It was one of the most awesome moments of our homeschool journey! 

If you are studying kings and queens you could have a medieval feast!  You could "dress up" like kings and queens.  Make royal crowns.  Dress as kings, queens, knights, princesses, and even have a jester! Invite guests and eat some of the foods that they ate.  The could also pick their favorite king or queen to do a little presentation of.  

Let's say you are finishing up a unit on inventors.  I would have everyone pick an inventor, dress like them and "invent" something new.  

One option could be that they dramatize what they have learned.  My kids love writing skits and acting them out.
Another thing that we like to do at the end of a unit is watch a family movie and discuss the differences from the books you have read with the movie. Like at the end of our Revolutionary War unit we will probably watch Johnny Tremain. 

A diorama is another fun way to end a unit study.  You could create a scene from a book you all are reading.  An under water diorama would be neat if you are studying sea creatures.  The skies the limit, you can definitely get creative here. 

Do you do any thing special at the end of a unit?

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