Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fun & Frugal Summer Activity for Kids #27 Go on a Nature Walk

For those of you that are familiar with the Charlotte Mason way of schooling, this will not be a new concept for you.  Hopefully, it will at least be a gentle reminder of the beauty of nature walks.  

 I heard about nature walks about 5 years ago. A nature walk is simply that, a walk in nature.  Your and your children can walk around a local park, trail or even in your neighborhood.  We we've done nature walks my kids collect lots of goodies.  My kids have brought home rocks, flowers, leaves, bugs, pine cones, bark, one time we even found the bone of a raccoon's jaw.  And yes, we brought it home {smile}.

My kids have collected items, come home and sorted them into categories of sorts.  They have researched things they've found online.  The have even sketched the things that they have seen on our walks.

When we are walking I try to let them explore on their own a bit.  I also love to share things that I have previously learned with them.  We also talk about how awesome God is, and what an amazing creator and artist He is! 

A nature walk is lots of fun.  It is a great way to start a collection of plants, bugs, rocks or whatever.  Something fun to get you started might be a nature scavenger hunt.  You could print out one with pictures for younger children, or one that is just words for the older crowd.

If they are really into it, they can start a nature notebook or box to keep track of their findings. If we have found something of great interest we usually follow it up with a visit to the library for more information.

  Have Fun!



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