Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fun & Frugal Summer Activities for Kids #26 Explore Local History!

Something that the family and I have enjoyed this summer is checking out historic sites and local museums.  I am almost ashamed to mention that there is a historic stable in my neighborhood, that we had not checked out until about a month or so ago. We have lived in this neighborhood for almost 15 years! 

Come to find out, we all enjoy checking out historic sites.  For instance, that stable I mentioned, had an open house one day.  They offered pony rides, crafts, and a tour of the stable and connecting house for us to check out.  They even had a beautiful Clydesdale horse that we got to pet.  After we checked out the stables, we walked a short distance to the historic mansion, which we also got to tour.  

Tomorrow we plan on going to another historical site to watch a Civil War reenactment.  Also a freebie! 

I plan on packing a lunch and snacks, checking out what else is in the neighborhood and geocaching while we are there.  Did you know that many of the National Parks and historic sites have geocaches that are actually hidden by the park rangers?

One thing I have learned this past spring was that our little city has a lot to offer.  Most are free or very inexpensive.  These little spots have actually become some of my kids favorite places to visit.  I have also found that most of these little spots are quite kid friendly, and hands on.

Have you checked out what your city has to offer? 


Have Fun!


Lorus! said...

We have always enjoyed exploring local history - but we just moved 1200 miles to a new home and have a whole NEW set of historical locations to explore! We are having a great time getting to know our new area.
I also have to say thank you for your geocaching suggestion! We tried it last week and had success! The kids are ready for another adventure! Thanks!!!

Brandi said...

That's awesome! You are way ahead of us, for some silly reason I never really thought to check out our city museums until lately. I am sure you all will have a great time exploring!

So glad to hear that you all tried and liked geocaching : )


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