Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up! {The week we had nothing to do)

I tell ya, I just can't seem to keep up with this little blog lately.  Life seems to be pretty busy lately.  We have been keeping busy with school, taking weekly field trips and decluttering a bit. 

We completed Trail Guide to Learning Paths of Exploration a few weeks ago, and have moved on to KONOS for now.  TGTL is a wonderful program, and I hope to continue with it again next year.

We just finished a unit on lighthouses and we are starting to study horses now.  I think that the flexibility, living books and hands on activities are a better fit for our crew at this point.  I will keep you all posted as we go along. 

We have also been taking field trips on Fridays with a few other families.  That has been lots of fun!  So far we have done a train museum, nature center, the National History Museum and today we did the zoo.  It has been so nice to get out and explore!

As I mentioned, I have been declutting a bit.  It all started one lovely day when I went to the garage to pull out the spring/summer clothes for the kids.  I had been saving baby clothes and baby "stuff," but at this point I am feeling led to get rid of them.  So I am Ebaying some things and yardsaling others, my thoughts were that the funds from selling this stuff would go nicely towards next years school books.  It will also just be nice to get rid of extra stuff. 

This past week we actually took our week off.  You know 6 weeks on and 1 week off with school.  I was kind of torn about taking the week off because other than the zoo we weren't really doing anything.  BUT the down time gave me the extra time to work on the sorting through stuff and listing them online.  For the kids,  it gave them time to play and relax.  It was perfect!  There were forts, train tracks through the WHOLE playroom, READING, an impromptu trip to the park and LOTS of outside play.

Here are a few pictures from our zoo trip today....



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