Monday, February 11, 2013

12 Easy Valentine Crafts & Snacks for Kids

Valentine's craft...

This heart wreath is cute and simple, simple!  You could use construction paper or scrapbook paper, the latter being the cutest of course!!  We are making these for our front windows.

Lollipop Flowers
My girls would love to wake up with these lollipop cuties on their dressers on Valentines Day!  What a sweet idea (pun intended)! 


Popcorn Valentine Hearts!  If you stuck these in a little cello baggie with a red ribbon they would make adorable valentines for kids to give their friends!  These are definitely on our list for next week.


The Lil' Chef is going to make these butterfly lollipops with the little kids that she helps with during my Bible study.  They are 2 year olds, so she is going to have them already cut out for the kids to decorate. 

Easy Heart Shaped Valentine Cupcakes from
Heart Shaped Valentine cupcakes!  Need I say more {smile}.

Cute Valentine Craft
My little men would LOVE these airplane candies!
Its a bird, its a plane, no its Valentine Man! How stinkin' cute is this!!
Marshmallow Love Bugs | Valentine's Day Recipes -
I think these love bugs are my favorite! 
valentine craft
For the kid that loves dot painters!  How creative!
This is also another valentine craft we are doing today.  I cut out white hearts on the cricut and use a white crayon to write a message on each one (if its kid-specific, I'll put their name on back in pen).  When they get home from school, they will go on a scavenger hunt to find the hearts and pull out the paints to reveal thier message. Fun!
These are really cool!  I think I am going to have the kids make these secret message valentines for each other, but the recipient will have to paint their hearts to reveal their message!
Valentine hot dog by Spoonful
I think we will be having these heart hot dogs for lunch on Valentines Day!
Valentine Crafts and Recipes 15
And these Red Velvet Valentine Whoppie Pies for dessert!  The Lil' Chef got a whoopie pie maker for her birthday.  I think will be a lot of fun to make and decorate.
Do you have any fun Valentine crafts and goodies planned? 


Beeker said...

How fun...wish we could be at your house on Valentine's day. Whoopie pies are the BEST!!!!! I have a whoopie pie cookbook and LOVE it. I think we are going to make cookies cause that's what the daddy wants. Molasses are his fav!


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