Monday, October 29, 2012

Samson's Classroom {Review}


When ever my boys get a chance to play on the computer they are happy!  When I can find educational games that they enjoy then I am happy, happy, happy! 

Recently, we were given a Family Subscription for Samson's Classroom.  Samson's Classroom is an online education software for children K-5th grade. 


The Samson's Classroom software consists of 3 games:

Sight Words with Samson -  A wonderful learning game for beginning readers.  Sight Words with Samson teaches and helps students to master 224 of the most commonly used words in the English language.  There are 4 Levels and 28 Lessons total in this game. 

Sight Words with Samson follows a 5 step process to help children to master sight words.  The students learn the words, they build the words, identify the words, take a quiz and finally they take the treasure hunt challenge.  Samson walks through the challenges with the kids, encouraging and entertaining them


Also included for educators to print out are worksheets, flashcards and bingo sheets to help reinforce what the students are learning online.  They even have award certificates for the kids when they finish complete each level.

Spelling with Samson - A customizable software that currently has more than 7,000 words to choose from.  You can actually use words from your students current spelling curriculum


Children learn there words in the Learning Zone, fill in the missing letters in the Karate Chop Challenge, they battle with Terrance the Tarantula in the Spelling Scramble Challenge, last they take the Crunch Time Quiz. 

Reading with Samson - This is the reading comprehension portion of the software. Children read a passage and then are asked questions about the main idea, sequencing and more.  Kids love this part of the game because the more answers that they get correct gives them more time to play at the carnival!


Samson's Classroom is a great supplemental educational software for students K-5th grade. These games are not only educational, they are loads of fun!  The kids are learning, but to them they are just having fun.  We will definitely continue with Samson's Classroom!

I liked that this software did all the tracking of each students process.  It is very easy to check to see where they students are excelling and where they are struggling.  I feel like this prgram is very easy to use and teacher/homeschool mom friendly.  I also feel like it is well worth the cost. 

There are several different pricing plans available:

Home - 1 User for $30/ year
Family - up to 4 users for $50/year
(there are also several pricing plans available for schools)

I am not the only Samson's Classroom fan. 
Disclaimer: We recieved a family subscription to Samson's Classroom at no cost to us in exchange for a fair and honest review.



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