Sunday, October 7, 2012

Feelin' Beeyoutiful! {Review}

A few years back I decided to start using all natural skin products.  I started researching a lot of the chemicals found in most skin care products and I was shocked! I had no idea how harmful these chemicals were to my body. 

Since educating myself about these yucky chemicals, I try to use all natural skin care products whenever possible.  When I heard that I was able to review for Beeyoutiful Skin Products I was very excited, I knew this makeup was right up my alley! 

Beeyoutiful is a company that sells bath & beauty products, essential oils, supplements and other health & wellness products.  Most recently, they have added mineral make up to their line of high quality products. 

All of their mineral makeup products are all natural, gluten free, 100% pure minerals!  No fillers, preservatives or chemicals, in other words NO YUCKY STUFF!

Beeyoutiful Skin offers many different shades of foundations, actually over 20 of them!  They also have several blush, eye/lip colors to choose from.  To make it easier for me to choose, Beeyoutiful sent me a few samples of their Mineral Foundation to ensure that I chose the right shade of foundation for my skin.  After trying a few different ones I decided on Ophelia. 

For this review I was sent the Ophelia Mineral Foundation, one eye shadow, as well as a sample of another shade.  When I received my Beeyoutiful package I was very excited once I opened my box! 
Not only did the make up come in very pretty packaging (I am a sucker for pretty packaging!), but it also came with an awesome foundation brush, a combo brush for eye and lip make up and a how to DVD. 

I felt that the Beeyoutiful makeup was very easy to use and felt great!  One of my favorite things about the mineral foundation is the barely there feeling.  The mineral foundation gives great coverage, and I don't feel like I have tons of make up on.  I felt that the foundation lasted very well through out the day.
I also really liked the eye colors that I received.  Not only did they work beeyoutifully {smile} as eye shadows, but they doubled great for lip color!  Using the combo brush dipped in a tiny bit of water or coconut oil and then into the eye color worked great on my lips!

I recommend Beeyoutiful products, I think that they work great, are long lasting and again NO YUCKY STUFF!

Currently, you can purchase the mineral foundations for $25.00 (20g), the eye shadows for $10.00, and the blush & bronzers for $16.00.  These are great prices for all natural makeup!  They also have several packages that you can choose from. 
Disclaimer: I received these makeup products at no charge to me in exchange for a fair and honest review.


Beeker said...

I realize I haven't commented in awhile...starting to get more settled and more busy! Hope you all are doing well...I check your blog daily and read. Just need to leave more comments!


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