Sunday, September 16, 2012

Marshall Publishing


I love it when we get the opportunity to review a product from a company we already know we love!  A while back we reviewed, and loved, the Lots and Lots of Firetrucks video from Marshall Publishing. 

This time we were given the chance to review one of 4 videos that Marshall Publishing offers.  We could choose from.....
They all sounded good so I took a vote.  The History of the Oregon Trail & The Pony Express won!  The kids all seemed to have an interest in learning about the Pony Express.  This year we are focusing on early American history so I knew this video would fit perfectly into our studies. 
We enjoyed watching The History of the Oregon Trail portion of the video, which was about 35 minutes long.  It really explained the reasons why so many people risked their lives to take the 2,000 mile trip across the country on the Oregon Trail.  Seeing the trail, covered wagons and illustrations were very helpful in visualizing what it was really like to take this massive journey.   We learned a little about steam boats, the prairie, and wagon trains.  We also learned about the beautiful landscape that they encountered on their journey.   

Our favorite part of the video was the part about The Pony Express, which is about 16 minutes long.  It was neat to see how the Pony Express started, how it worked and how it paved the way for US Postal Service.  The boys, of course, liked watching the cowboys race across the prairie to deliver the mail.  Until watching this video I did not realize that The Pony Express was an independently run company, I always thought it was run by the government.  Nor did I know that it lasted such a short time and went bankrupt!  I really loved hearing the oath that the Pony Express riders took!
Lots and lots of interesting information on this video.  The History of Oregon Trail & The Pony would be a great addition to any early American History study. This video would be most helpful for audio and visual learners. 
The History of the Oregon Trail & The Pony Express video is currently available for $19.95You can use the COUPON CODE - TOS27 to receive FREE SHIPPING! 
Disclaimer: We were given this video free of charge is exchange for a honest review.


Melanie Ski said...

This one sounds really good. I reviewed the penguins for my younger guys and they loved it. I will definitely check into this one as we delve more into history.


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