Sunday, October 30, 2011

TOS Crew: Marshall Publishing Review

What boy doesn't like fire trucks, right?!  When I saw the opportunity to review the Lots & Lots of Firetrucks & Firefighters from Marshall Publishing I just knew my boys would LOVE it.  And they do!
We received the Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks & Firefighter DVD and book combo set to check out.  The boys could hardly contain themselves! The girls enjoyed reading the book and the watching the video too but it was the boys that were really impressed.

My kids have had a little bit of a fascination with firefighters ever since we did a unit study on them.  I really wish we had this set to go along with it! 

First, let's talk about the book.  It is a 124 page soft cover book that has colored and black & white photos.  Here's what's included:
  • Meet Firefighter Joe
  • Firefighter's Tools & Equipment
  • Rescue Vehicles - Pumper Truck, Ladder Trucks, Specialty Vehicles
  • Fire Fighting Facts
  • Fire Science Basics
  • Fire Prevention & Safety Tips
  • What is a Firefighter?
  • Firefighters in action
  • Words of the Firefighter - Fireman's Prayer, Fireman's Wife's Prayer, Ten Commandments for the Firefighters, Firefighter's Commitment, The Last alarm, a Firefighter's Pledge
  • Old Time Firefighter's Alphabet
  • Classic Fire House Traditions
  • History of Fire Trucks & Fire Fighting
  • Antique Fire Trucks
  • Greatest Fires in History
  • Firefighting Timeline
  • Fire House Museums
  • Cool Fire Related Websites
  • Lot and Lots of Fire Trucks Sing-A-Long Song Lyrics
As you can see, Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks & Firefighters has tons of great information.  We loved the information about Fire Safety, Firetrucks and all the really cool equipment. 

Reading the Fireman's Prayer and the Last Alarm really gave us a better appreciation for what firefighters do.  This book really helped us to see the ins and outs of a firefighter's job and how they lay their lives down daily for complete strangers.

The Lots & Lots of Fire Safety Songs and Tips was a great video.  It was good for the kids to see the firefighters in action as well as how to stop, drop and roll.  We all really enjoyed the songs!  The segments included are:
  • Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks
  • Call 911
  • Fireman Jim's Safety Tips
  • Stop, Drop and Roll
  • Your Home Safety Plan
  • It's An Emergency
  • Heroes Brave and Tall
  • Great Big Fire Trucks
  • Fire Trucks in Action
Many of the Song Lyrics from the DVD are included in the Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks.  Which was pretty helpful because the kids like to sing along. 

Overall, I think the Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks & Firefighters book and DVD is a wonderful set.  Whether for school or for fun, I don't think you will be disappointed.  The book and DVD set are regualrly priced at $49.90 but right now they are on sale for $29.95. Since I know ya'll love a good deal, you can use a special coupon code that Marshall Publishing gave to the TOS Crew.  If you use Coupon Code TOSF1 you can get the set for only $19.95.  What a deal! 

Marshall Publishing Company is USA based company that makes family friendly media products for the whole family to enjoy!  I love company's that have a family friendly focus! Anyhow, they also have lots and lots other books, videos and cds. 

One of the other videos that Marshall Publishing sells is George Washington Carver - His Life and His Works, which we also got by accident.  So, I wanted to mention it as well.  This video is a wonderful documentary about the George Washington Carver's life and how he became known as the peanut man.  Included in with DVD is a study guide.  This also would be great to incorporate into homeschool.  It is also available directly through Marshall Publishing and currently on sale for $19.95.

We recieved Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks & Firefighters and George Washington Carver - His Life and His Works free of charge for review purposes.  We were not compensated in anyway, the opinions expressed here are mine.



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