Friday, October 21, 2011

TOS Crew: E-Mealz Review


I cook.  I cook because I like to and because the people that live here with me like to eat.  Since I am cooking several meals a day I decided many years ago that I would be a meal planner, I think it is just easier to come up with a dinner plan before 5pm each day.  I also feel like meal planning helps to save money (hypothetically anyway), since I go shopping armed with a list of the things we NEED. 

BUT sometimes I get so tired of coming up with new recipes and meal ideas.  Have you ever thought how much easier meal planning would be if someone else would just come up with the plan and hand it over?  I know I have.  There is this company called e-Mealz and that is pretty much what they do.  Not only to they give you the meal ideas, they also give you the recipes and shopping list.  I know some of you who have not been faithful with meal planning are probably starting to sweat nervously at this point because you know now you are with out excuse : )  But don't worry, e-Mealz has done the work for you. 

It's easy as 1,2,3! Choose a Plan, Print and Go Shopping, Cook and Enjoy!

e-Mealz offers 28 different meal plans that you can choose from
So whether you shop at Aldi's, Walmart or somewhere else, e-Mealz has a plan for you.  Not only do they have regular meal plans for families then even have plans for those that are using portion control with their meals, and those that eat gluten free.  e-Mealz pretty much has a meal plan for everyone.  The only thing I didn't see is an option for those with egg or peanut allergies. 

Okay, let's talk food.  I am sure you guys are wondering what the food is like.  Here is a run down of some of the dinner recipes that I received on the Any-Store Family Meal Plan:
  • Brunswick Beef Stew (which is a crock pot recipe, so that is major bonus!), Simple Slaw and French Bread
  • BBQ Chicken Packets - these are made in tin foil and thrown in the oven.  Simple, simple, simple!!
  • Creamy Pesto Ravioli and Tomato Salad Toss
  • Parmesan Crusted Chicken, Lemon Butter Broccoli and Herb Pasta
  • Easy Cheeseburger Pie, Skillet Corn, Celery Sticks & Ranch Dip
  • Chicken & Cannelloni Soup with Cornbread Muffins
  • Hamburger Pizzas and Broccoli n’ Dip
  • Pesto Pepperoni Wraps, Chips and Sliced Pears
  • Beef Hash and Steamed Broccoli
  • Mexican Casserole, Tortilla Chips and Garden Salad
Mouth watering yet?? Not only do you get a nice variety of good meals each week but you also get a variety in the type of meals.  For instance each week's meal plan is peppered with crock pot meals, one dish meals, easy meals and even company favorites!  Did you also notice that they no only give you main dishes but sides too!
Here is a sample menu.  You can also view samples of all the e-Mealz Menu Plans here.
The recipes may sound difficult and time consuming but I assure you they really aren't.  For the most part these meals are made fairly quickly, in my opinion.  One great thing about e-Mealz plans is that they are created by moms just like you and me, they get that we are busy because they are busy too!

Let's talk price.  e-Mealz is also super reasonable, each meal plan is only $5.00 per month, which breaks down to only $1.25 per week.  I think $1.25 a week is well worth the many benefits you would get from using e-Mealz.  It would save you time by meal planning for you, save you money by having a plan when you shop and not having to always order out.  Just imagine, you could be feeding you family good home cooked, healthier meals during the week and keep your sanity at the same time!  Wouldn't it be wonderful to actually have an answer when your family asks, "what's for dinner?" 

I love this product and think it is well worth $5.00 per month.  Whtether you are new to meal planning or you are a veteran, I know you will love e-Mealz.  Great meals, great price and less stress, what's not to love?

We were given a subscription to e-Mealz at no charge for review purposes only.  I was not paid in any way and the opinions expressed here are mine.


Mari said...

MMMMM, never heard of them efore. thank you for that review. im heading over to check them out.


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