Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hand Me Downs and Yard Sale Finds

I am so thrilled and blessed that we don't have to spend a bundle for kids clothes once the weather is starting to get cooler.  The Lord has tremendously blessed us with hand me downs and great bargains at yard sales. 

There are a few people that continually bless us with kids clothes that they no longer need, this is one way that the Lord has provided to our family.  I have also been amazed at the prices I find on kids clothes at yard sales, I mean like nice, looks like it has never been worn, church kinda clothes.  Like this past weekend I bought a few church outfits for Little Bits, they were dress shirts, dress pants, a sweater vest and 2 cozy pairs of pj's (17 items total) and I paid $10 for the whole bag.  I was very excited to say the least.  I had them babies washed and ready to go as soon as we got home, he even wore one of the outfits the next day to church. 

It is not only a blessing to get but it is a blessing to give.  I am thankful that we have been able to bless others.  I pretty much have a designated home for most of the clothes that the kids out grow.  Whatever these families can't use, we give to our church's Great Clothing Giveaway, which is actually coming up and part of my motivation to go through all our clothing bins.  Well that and the freezing cold weather we've been having : )

While I will admit that it is so tiresome to go through all our clothes bins in the fall and again in the spring, I am very thankful that we don't have to go buy all new stuff.  i am thinking that buying all new stuff for 4 kids would probably cost lots.

This year I am wising up though, I am pulling out the fall/ winter stuff that we need now and while I am at it I am also getting all the spring/ summer ready for next year.  I am going to just stick the bins on the top shelf of their closets.  Please don't ask me why I haven't been doing this all along, it really was one of those Duhh! moments. 

Have you switched out your clothes yet?  Any helpful hints to make the clothing switch out easier?


Tina Hollenbeck said...

We've been enjoying a beautiful Indian Summer here in WI so I haven't switched out the clothes yet - but probably next weekend, as we're in for a downturn in the temps from which we won't recover (till next April!). I'm really thankful for homeschooling because my kids are perfectly happy with older clothes - even pants that now look like capris! - and so I don't have to buy much new stuff.

Joyce said...

Hand-me-downs are such a blessing. Unfortunately, for us the hand-me-downs for the big kids has pretty much stopped. I started hanging whatever size they are in for all seasons in their closets. Then we just shuffle the clothes as needed. Although, down here the weather can be summer one day and then winter the next until about December. So, we really need most of it handy most of the year.
The bigger bulky items end up in boxes in the top of the closets. When true winter weather starts in December, I pull it down and make room.
I think you will find now that it is all in the closets the change of seasons will be much easier.
I keep all the bathing suits, dance stuff, and any sports items in totes in the shed. When someone needs something we go to the shed first.
I also keep all shoes separated by season in totes in the shed. When they need shoes we just go to the shed.
Great deal at the yard sale. I keep thinking I need to start back, but I have a tendency to come home with lots of stuff I don't need. Will power is not my strength:)


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